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FRESH GREEN ADS© is an innovative green media agency. We offer a portfolio of sustainable media that create awareness and impact for your brands, with a minimal impact on the environment. FRESH GREEN ADS© is 100% eco friendly and we use natural elements only.

Why Fresh Green Ads©

Conventional ways of advertising often use large quantities of resources such as paper, water and ink, which all have a negative impact on the environment. With FRESH GREEN ADS© we have gathered several ways of advertising that are all non harmful to the environment. In our portfolio you will find such methods as crop advertising, sand advertising, ice advertising, water drop advertising, clean advertising and raincampaign.

How do we work?

At FRESH GREEN ADS© we work together with advertising agencies around the world. Besides that we can also work directly with the client. Our creative team can develop a cool green campaign, a giant green logo or interactive green solutions. Depending on the green media technique chosen, we make a detailed plan to reach your target group. After placing the green campaign we spread it with a press package.