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In October we organised the first anual Street Art Festival Den Haag to attract more people to the Boulevard at Scheveningen. Nine renowned international street artists created impressive paintings (2D) and optical illusions (3D) on the boulevard of Scheveningen. All artists worked with special biological paint. The masterpieces were inspired by the three themes of city The Hague; Peace and Justice, Royal and City at sea. The artwork will be on display until the end of December.

With over 45.000 visitors in the opening weekend and over 300.000 visitors in total it was a great succes and we can’t wait for next year to make it bigger and even more fun.

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We build street paintings in biodegradable chalk paint. CHALK ART is a spectator driven advertising, it’s interactive art, and the more time & space it is given, the more people it will reach. The end result and the making of a CHALK ART live further in magazines, articles, weblogs and social media. We make 2D, 3D and Augmented reality CHALK ART. Yes size does matter, especially in regard to CHALK ART. The bigger the better! So for those companies that think big, or would like to make a big impact, we offer big ideas and large concepts with a WOW-factor.
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